DIY Plumbing or Professional Help? What to Do When in 5 Common Plumbing Situations

How do you know which plumbing job at home is above your skill set and you need to call in a professional, or it is something you can fix by yourself with a few DIY skills?

All homeowners face plumbing issues one time or another and most do DIY plumbing to fix the easy ones up.

A drain that is clogged, a faucet which is leaking, a shower head that needs to be changed – these are all not that hard to take care of and if you’re even a tad skilled at home plumbing, you can tackle them efficiently.

But what if you have major plumbing blunders that go much beyond your DIY skill set? you need help from professional plumber like Plumber Escondido .
We have charted out the times when you can tackle the plumbing jobs yourself and situations where professional help is the best decision.Replacing a broken toilet needs professional help. So does external plumbing. A professional plumber is licensed and has the knowledge and tools required to take care of bigger jobs than a dripping faucet.

  1. Installation of a new faucet – DIY

Get a faucet that looks good with your kitchen/bathroom decor. Then simply change it.Turn off the hot and cold water valves under the sink, remove the old faucet and replace it with a new one.


  1. Shutting off of the water flow – Professional

A clogged toilet or a bathtub drain that is backed up needs its water flow to be shut off quickly. This requires a plumber like as he has the right tools to handle a large water connection safely. If you’re unsure of what lines go where, don’t risk it and make the already botched situation worse. Instead call for professional help.


  1. Replacement of your old washing machine hose – DIY

A washing machine can burst if it’s not taken care of in the right time. A burst hose can throw up to 500 gallons of water every hour! Replacing an old hose with a new one is quite simple. Just unplug the washer, turn off the water supply, and then disconnect the hose from the valves and washer. Connect the new hose to the valves and switch on the water supply and finally, the power.


  1. Toilet hardware replacement – DIY

Any faulty piece in your toilet needs to be replaced quickly so that bigger problems aren’t created later on. Old parts, chains or clogs – all need can be replaced easily by you at home with little expense. There are tools and kits you can purchase at you local hardware store and fix a wobbly toilet seat.


  1. Sprinkler system installation – Professional

Sprinkler system installation requires a professional plumber for the job. A landscaper will check your lawn and approve of the right location to install it.

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